What is iMOST?

iMatter. iOpen. iShine. iThank.

iMOST is a social entrepreneurship that works with individuals and groups to identify social challenges in their communities and to promote their involvement as stakeholders in those communities. Through various initiatives, we assist individuals and groups in posing and planning innovative solutions for the challenges to which they personally connect.

Here at iMOST, being our MOST means seeing each moment as an opportunity to embrace, challenge, and better ourselves as we contribute in positive ways to our families, communities, and the world.

For us…

iMatter. I matter to myself. The positive things I do matter (even when no one knows I’ve done them). I become involved in issues of importance to me and others. I make a difference to others. I make a difference in the world.

iOpen. I listen. I honor others’ perspectives. I am open to new people and new experiences. I engage with others in my life. I am there for others. I play.  I open to life and all living things.

iShine. I am passionate. I have ideas. I follow my dreams. I stand for those things that are important to me. I smile. I help others to shine. My presence is felt in the world.

iThank. I am grateful every day. I appreciate others—and let them know. I choose words and actions that are kind and compassionate. I do for others.